Molecular Reagents for SARS-CoV-2 Assays

Meridian’s portfolio of RT-qPCR master mixes have been designed to simplify the development of molecular assays and enable new features such as extraction-free amplification. Each master mix contains a hot-start polymerase, dNTPs, buffer and other components optimized for each particular application (e.g. lyophilization). Only primers and probes are required to complete the assay formula.

By using a master mix in which the upstream formulation chemistry has already been refined for superior performance under fast or challenging cycling conditions, assay development can be concentrated to other elements of the assay design. Important features for successful next generation molecular assays include earlier detection, simplified workflow format and shorter time to results.

  • VLP-RNA Extraction Controls

  • VLP-RNA Extraction Controls offer a simple and effective way to reduce false negative results in RT-qPCR assays. The controls are composed of virus-like particle (VLP) shells packaged with a defined number of copies of target RNA molecules that contain no known homology (the RNA sequence can also be customized up to 1000nt). By closely mimicking a diagnostic sample, these controls enable labs to test the entire process of an RT-qPCR assay including lysis/ extraction, reverse transcription and amplification.

  • VLP-RNA Extraction Control
  • VLP-RNA Extraction Control Orange
  • VLP-RNA Extraction Control Red

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