Coronavirus Outbreak:
Novel RT-qPCR Reagent Solutions

With the outbreak of a new SARS-like coronavirus (2019-nCoV) stemming from Wuhan, China and rapidly spreading globally, infection prevention and control through diagnostic testing and quarantine has become critical.

Chinese scientists have sequenced the genome of the new coronavirus and posted the results on, a hub for prepublication data designed to assist with public health activities and research. Since the release of the gene sequences, it has been found that Wuhan nCoV appears to be a group 2B coronavirus, which puts it in the same family as SARS and shares 89% homology to SARS-related bat coronavirus (

The nucleocapsid (N) protein for coronaviruses is highly conserved across coronavirus families and cross-reactivity between 2019-nCoV and SARS N proteins (90% homologous) should allow commercially available antibodies and antigens to SARS N protein to be used for diagnostic testing for Wuhan nCoV.

Following the sequencing of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Meridian's qPCR master mixes and enzymes are being extensively used in fast, sensitive molecular tests. In addition, we offer antigens and polyclonal antibodies to SARS (including the nucleocapsid protein) for serological testing.

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