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Zero-X-React™ Zika Envelope Antigen - 2/28/2018


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Zero-X-React™ Zika Envelope Antigen

Modified Zika Envelope Antigen with no cross-reactivity to other flaviviruses



9050 Zero-X-React™ Zika Envelope

Zika envelope antigen mutated to eliminate cross-reactivity of the major conserved domain of other flaviviruses
 Reacts with IgG and IgM antibodies 

 Recombinant protein from insect cells 
 For use in ELISA and Lateral Flow

Envelope protein
C01860M  MAb
C01861M  MAb
C01862M  MAb
C01863M  MAb
C01938M  MAb
R01635     Rec. Ag
C01885G  PAb
C01886G  PAb
C01864M  MAb
C01865M  MAb
C01866M  MAb
C01867M  MAb
C01868M  MAb
C01869M  MAb
C01870M  MAb
C01887M  MAb
C01888M  MAb
C01889M  MAb
C01890M  MAb
R01636     Rec. Ag


Zika virus is transmitted through the bite of an infected Aedes species mosquito (Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus). These are the same mosquitoes that spread dengue and chikungunya viruses.

Zika Virus antibody tests are used to detect Zika from serum or cerebrospinal fluid; however, Zika IgM assays are prone to false-positive results because of cross-reacting IgM antibodies against related flaviviruses. As per the CDC's "Interim Guidance for Interpretation of Zika Virus Antibody Test Results" (June 2016), Zika Virus antibody test results can be difficult to interpret because of cross-reactivity, especially if the person was previously infected with or vaccinated against a related Flavivirus.

> CDC’s Guidance to Zika Virus Testing

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