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SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX Kit - 4/21/2018




SensiFAST™ Probe No-ROX Kit



SF Probe mix characteristics:
 Reproducible – consistent results between technical replicates for increased confidence in results
 Robust – reliable, accurate detection of DNA and RNA targets from a broad range of sample types
 Sensitive – reliable quantification of low abundance targets and scarce samples
 Fast – delivers reproducible, accurate assay results in as little as 30 minutes
 Efficient – excellent performance in multiplex assays
 Specific – antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase minimizes non-specific amplification for
  improved assay sensitivity and reliability



Application field:
 Gene expression analysis
 DNA / RNA target detection

 miRNA profiling / quantification
 Copy number variation (CNV) analysis


Experimental instructions: Instructions, reaction mix preparation, reaction steps.
Reagent Volume Final Concentration
2 x SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Mix 10 μl 1x
10 μM Forward Primer 0.8 μl 400 nM
10 μM Reverse Primer 0.8 μl 400 nM
10 μM Probe 0.2 μl 100 nM
Template up to 8.2μl  
H2O As required  

Cycles Temp. Time Notes
1 95°C 2-5min Polymerase activation
40 95°C 10s Denaturation
  60°C 20-50s Annealing/extension (acquire at end of step)







Order Information:
Cat. No. Product Name Size
BIO-82005 SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit 500 rxns
BIO-82020 SensiFAST Probe Hi-ROX Kit 2000 rxns
BIO-84005 SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit 500 rxns
BIO-84020 SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit 2000 rxns
BIO-84050 SensiFAST Probe Lo-ROX Kit 5000 rxns
BIO-86005 SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit 500 rxns
BIO-86020 SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit 2000 rxns
BIO-86050 SensiFAST Probe No-ROX Kit 5000 rxns



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