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Rubella IgM MAX™ Antigen - 1/11/2018



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Rubella IgM MAX™ Antigen

High purity antigen for multiplex and suspension Rubella IgM assays



Rubella IgM MAX™ Antigen (#6300)

High purity native antigen extraction
  consisting of E1 & E2 proteins

 Capsid free preparation
Viral Strain HPV77 grown in VERO cells


Other Rubella Antigens


Rubella Virus Grade III Antigen
Grown in VERO cells
Viral Strain HPV77



Rubella Virus Grade IV Antigen
Grown in VERO cells
Viral Strain HPV77
Suitable for use in CLIA, ELISA, and WB



Rubella Virus Grade IV PBS Antigen
Grown in Vero Cells
Viral Strain HPV77

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>Rubella IgM MAX™ Antigen


Meridian’s next generation Rubella IgM MAX™ antigen has been designed to be free of capsid proteins to specifically reduce potential cross-reactivities that cause false positive results in Rubella IgM antibody detection assays. It is prepared by extraction of Rubella antigens from cells infected with Rubella Virus strain HPV77 using a patented process (Patent #6,670,117 and #6,872,396 B2). The final purified preparation is a high purity native antigen extraction consisting of the envelope proteins E1 and E2 in the native configuration.

Rubella IgM MAX™ is ideally suited for diagnostic assays that are quantitative, utilize bead or particle based components in a suspension, or are part of a multiplex panel. The antigen’s high purity and specificity for E1 and E2 offer significant performance benefits such as minimizing non-specific protein-protein interactions and increasing assay sensitivity.



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