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Recombinant Syphilis Antigens - 4/27/2016


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Recombinant Syphilis Antigens
Including novel Tp0453 - an outer-membrane protein with >99% sensitivity and specificity

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum. It causes a systemic infection with symptoms that vary depending on the stage of the disease (primary, secondary, latent or tertiary).

Several highly immunogenic lipoproteins have been identified as diagnostic targets throughout all stages of a syphilis infection, including Tp17, Tp15, Tp41, Tp44.5 (TmpA), Tp47, Tp35 (TmpC) and Tp0453. Specifically, early immune responses have been shown to be against Tp47 and some of the flagellar proteins, followed by Tp15 and Tp17.

The novel diagnostic marker Tp0453 has demonstrated very high sensitivity and specificity compared to other markers across all stages of the disease (Cameron et al. (2003). Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 41(8):3668-74). It is proposed to be the most accurate single marker for syphillis, and does not need to be used in combination with other markers. Its superior performance is thought to be due to (1) its surface exposure as an outer-membrane protein (as opposed to an internal protein) which enables it to be continuously exposed to the immune system and (2) its lack of homologs in other bacteria such as spirochete diseases that can cause cross-reactions.


9538 Full length, protein (a.a. 30-287), His tag, MW 30 kDa
Stand-alone marker for all stages of syphillis (primary, secondary and tertiary)
Full length protein, ß-gal tag
Partial protein, His tag, MW 19 kDa
ß-gal tag, MW 137 kDa
GST and His tag, calculated MW 46.6kDa
R01529 Full length protein, ß-gal tag, MW 153 kDa
Full length protein, ß-gal tag
Mosaic protein, His tag, MW ~45 kDa
TmpA (Tp44.5)
Full length protein, ß-gal tag
A.A. 23-41 and 288-325, GST tag, MW 32 kDa

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