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Reagents to Improve IgM Detection - 7/25/2016


Reagents to Improve IgM Detection

IgM antibodies are the first type of antibody produced by the immune system in response to an infection. Consequently, lgM detection assays have proven to be valuable diagnostic tools that assist in identifying early and recent infections.

However, lgM antibodies only comprise 5% to 10% of all the antibodies in the body. In contrast, lgG antibodies which are the most abundant immunoglobulin, comprise about 75% to 80%. In order to ensure an lgM assay is both sensitive and specific, it is necessary to reduce assay interference, especially from the more plentiful lgG antibodies and other non-specific proteins, such as rheumatoid factors (RF).

Meridian offers two products that are specifically designed to enhance IgM assay performance:

IgG Absorbent, Cat# L15406G
A  purified goat anti-human IgG (GAH IgG Fc) Fc fragment designed for the removal of human IgG and IgG/rheumatoid factor (RF) complexes from serum prior to testing for specific IgM antibodies.

IgM Assay Diluent, Cat# 8120
A serum diluent formulated to reduce assay interference from a patient’s IgG antibodies, rheumatoid factor, heterophilic antibodies, and other non-specific proteins that can affect the immunoassay results.


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Zika Antibodies and Antigens

A range of antigens and antibodies highly suited to the development of rapid IgM Zika assays. Informative flyer includes tips on tips on reducing cross-reactivity with Dengue.
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New Lp-PLA2 Antibodies

New monoclonal antibodies to Lp-PLA2 for use in ELISA. Lp-PLA2  is a specific marker of vascular inflammation associated with atherosclerosis and is proposed to be the best marker for risk stratification of coronary artery disease and stroke.
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Antibodies for Stool-based Assays

Antibodies validated to work in various types of immunoassays to detect gastrointestinal pathogens in stool samples.
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