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New Zika Virus Antibodies - 6/20/2016



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JUNE 2016




New Zika Virus Antibodies
PAbs to Zika NS1 can be used to improve sensitivity of lateral flow Zika assays


Goat anti-Zika NS1, Total IgG


Goat anti-Zika NS1, Affinity purified
Affinity purified by Zika Virus NS1 to minimize cross-reactivity to Dengue NS1

To increase the detection sensitivity of Zika IgM lateral flow assays, Meridian recommends using the bridging technique. In traditional lateral flow assays, the disease-specific antigen is conjugated to colloidal gold. However, in the bridging technique, colloidal gold is conjugated to the disease specific antibody (e.g. MAb or PAb to Zika NS1) and pre-mixed with unconjugated antigen (e.g. Zika NS1). Conjugating colloidal gold directly to the Zika antigen can inhibit its ability to bind to captured IgM. Furthermore, using a gold-conjugated PAb, which has a broad reactivity, can further increase assay sensitivity. A PAb can bind to different antigen epitopes, therefore enabling more than one PAb to bind to the same antigen simultaneously to generate a stronger signal.

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Zika Virus NS1
R01636 (Rec. Ag)
C01864M (MAb)
C01865M (MAb)
C01866M (MAb)
C01867M (MAb)
C01868M (MAb)
C01869M (MAb)
C01870M (MAb)

Zika Virus Envelope 
R01635 (Rec. Ag)
C01860M (MAb)
C01861M (MAb)
C01862M (MAb)
C01863M (MAb)




HSV-gG Antigens for HSV Type Specific Assays

Native and recombinant HSV-1 gG and HSV-2 gG antigens which have been validated to work in various types of immunoassays.
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Antibodies for Stool-based Assays

Antibodies validated to work in various types of immunoassays to detect gastrointestinal pathogens in stool samples.
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IgM Assay Reagents

Meridian offers an IgG absorbent and an IgM Assay Diluent designed to help improve the sensitivity and specificity of IgM antibody detection assays.
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