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New Streptococcus B Antibody - 3/22/2018
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New Streptococcus B Antibody

Suitable for Rapid Detection Assays



C01962R - Rabbit anti-Strep B
 Consists of >90% pure Rabbit MAb
  purified from culture medium
 Pairs with itself in ELISA to detect the
  extracted group B carbohydrate antigen
 Not cross reactive with Strep groups
  A, C, D, F & G
 Not cross reactive with Chlamydia,
  E. coli & Listeria
Reacted with all GBS strains tested




Meridian’s new rabbit anti-Strep B reacts with the GBS Lancefield carbohydrate antigen found on the surface of the GBS bacterium across all strains. This antigen can be released from specimens by extraction and detected via various immunoassay methods (ELISA, latex agglutination, lateral flow).

Group B Streptococci, the most common cause of bacterial infections in newborns are Gram-positive, β-haemolytic, chain-forming cocci that reside in the lower gastrointestinal and vaginal flora of 25% of healthy adult women. Leading health experts recommend pregnant women between 35-37 weeks be routinely screened for GBS to reduce the incidence of GBS infections in newborns. Current standard detection methods rely on enrichment followed by culture which has varying degrees of sensitivity depending on the methods employed.


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