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New Sensitive CA72-4 (TAG-72) Antibody Pairs - 1/20/2016







New Sensitive CA72-4 (TAG-72) Antibody Pairs

Tumor-associated glycoprotein 72 (TAG-72) is measured by the CA72-4 assay. This assay is an established tumor marker assay used for the management of patients suffering from gastrointestinal cancers. Elevated CA72-4 levels in serum and plasma have also been reported in other cancers such as pancreatic, gallbladder, colon, mammary, ovarian, cervical and endometrial. Specifically, several clinical studies have shown that CA72-4 is a valuable tumor marker for monitoring ovarian cancer patients who do not express elevated CA 125 levels.

The early stage of gastric carcinoma is often complicated and
extremely difficult to diagnose due to vague, non-specific symptoms. Serum tumor markers have proven to be useful for early diagnosis, prognosis, and detection of recurrence. In addition to CA72-4, several other important tumor markers can be used for the detection of gastric cancer including CA19-9 and CEA. It is suggested that using a combination of CEA, CA19-9, and CA72-4 is the most effective way for staging the level of cancer before surgery or chemotherapy.

Meridian has recently released three new CA72-4 monoclonal antibodies that can pair in different combinations for the development of CA72-4 immunoassay.

New CA72-4 Antibodies (suitable for ELISA)


Detection Antibody


Capture Antibody


Capture Antibody

CA72-4 Antigen


Human CA72-4, low cross-reactivity (produced in cell culture)



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