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New RSV Antibodies - 9/3/2015

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New RSV Antibodies
Specific for RSV Fusion Protein

RSV is considered the most important respiratory pathogen in childhood and can be fatal for infants less than 6 months old. There are two main types of RSV (A and B) and many subtypes (strains) although the most prevalent and virulent is subtype A. The virus has two major surface glycoproteins (G & F) that play important roles in the initial stages of the infectious cycle. Specifically the F (fusion) protein mediates entry of the virus into the cell cytoplasm and also allows the formation of syncytia. The Fusion protein is homologous in both types of RSV.

Various diagnostic tests are available for RSV diagnosis, however most laboratories rely on antigen detection tests (specifically direct immunofluorescence) and supplement with cell culture. The recent availability of excellent monoclonal antibodies has increased the sensitivity of rapid assays to between 80% and 97%. Meridian Life Science just released 9 new monoclonal antibodies to RSV fusion protein. These antibodies were made using native RSV antigen (Long strain) and are specific to RSV types A and B and do not cross-react with Influenza A virus, Influenza B virus or Adenovirus.


Specific for RSV Fusion Protein of both A and B RSV strains.
No cross reaction with Influenza A virus, Influenza B virus or Adenovirus.

C01769M (IgG2b)   PAIRS
C01770M (IgG1a)   C01773M (IgG1) Detection
C01771M (IgG2a)   C01775M (IgG2a) Capture
C01772M (IgG1)    
C01774M (IgG2a)    
C01776M (IgG1)    
C01777M (IgG2a)    


C65063M MAb to RSV Fusion Protein (PAIR – Capture)
C65065M MAb to RSV Fusion Protein (PAIR – Detection)
B65860G Goat anti-RSV (All Antigens to RSV-A and RSV-B)
C66432M MAb to RSV Nucleoprotein
8175 RSV Antigen, Long Strain (partially purified)
R86900 RSV Antigen, Long Strain (purified)



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