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NEW Recombinant Allergens - 12/21/2017


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NEW Recombinant Allergens
For the development of serum based IgE-mediated allergen diagnostic assays




Animal Epithelial Recombinant Allergens
Cat allergen (Fel d 1) R01747A
Dog allergen (Can f 5) R01748A
Dog allergen (Can f 1) R01750A
Horse allergen (Equ c 1) R01749A
Dust Mite Recombinant Allergens
Dust Mite (Der p 10) R01751A
Dust Mite (Der f 2) R01752A
Pollen Recombinant Allergens
Timothy Grass (Phl p 1) R01754A
Timothy Grass (Phl p 5a) R01755A
Timothy Grass (Phl p 5b) R01756A
Timothy Grass (Phl p 7) R01757A
Timothy Grass (Phl p 12) R01758A
Plane Tree (Pla a 1) R01759A
Plane Tree (Pla a 3) R01760A
Mugwort (Art v 1) R01761A
Mugwort (Art v 3) R01762A
Mold Recombinant Allergens
A. alternate (Alt a 1) R01753A




Recombinant allergens provide new opportunities for the diagnosis of IgE-mediated allergies. They are capable of binding IgE antibodies in a comparable way to natural allergens and they demonstrate good reactivity in in-vitro diagnostic tests.

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