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New Practical Guide for Blockers - 6/5/2015


JUNE 2015



New Practical Guide for Blockers
How to reduce interference in immunoassays

Meridian Life Science is a leading manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic reagents with over 35 years specific expertise in developing native and recombinant antigens, antibodies, and immunoassay blockers designed to enhance assay performance.

Meridian has just released a new practical guide that provides a detailed overview on how blockers can be used to reduce non-specific binding in immunoassays. Blockers are typically applied to ELISA and Lateral Flow-based assays, specifically paired monoclonal sandwich assays, competitive assays and antigen capture (IgG/IgM) assays. They work by removing interfering proteins that can lead to false results.

Download this Practical Guide to review Meridian’s top performing blockers which include:

·        TRU Block (HAMA Blocker)

·        Mouse IgG

·        IgM Diluent

·        Animal IgGs

·        IgG Absorbent

·        Solid-phase Blockers

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Download catalog:
> Blocker Practical Guide




New HCV Chimeric Antigens

Two new HCV Core/NS3/NS4/NS5 Recombinant antigens produced in E. coli. Suitable for use in Lateral Flow Double Antigen Sandwich Assay.
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New Malaria Antigens

New recombinant antigens for Malaria HRP-2, pLDH, and pAldoase. Ideal antigens for lateral flow assays.
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New Neisseria gonorrhoeae MAbs

Three new MAbs that are reactive with N. lactamica, N. meningitidis and 9 strains of N. gonorrhoeae. Proven for use in ELISA and IFA assays.
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