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New Norovirus Antibodies - 9/7/2015



New Norovirus Antibodies
Specific for Genogroups of GI and GII Strains

Noroviruses are a leading cause of gastroenteritis. The virus can be transmitted from person to person directly or indirectly through contaminated food and water.

There are currently 6 known genogroups which are subdivided into 38 genotypes, however only genogroups I (GI), GII, and GIV have been associated with human gastroenteritis. The proportion of foodborne and person-to-person outbreaks differ between genotypes and global outbreak surveillance data  indicates that only ~14% of all norovirus outbreaks are attributed to food. Specifically GI.3, GI.6, GI.7, GII.3, GII.4, GII.6, and GII.12 are the norovirus genotypes most often associated with foodborne outbreaks.

The best way to detect norovirus is in stool specimens collected when a person has acute illness. RT- PCR and EIA (both LF and ELISA) assays that detect norovirus from stool samples are the most commonly used diagnostics tests. Ideally an assay should detect all GI, GII, and GIV genotypes and several diagnostic manufacturers accomplish this using a cocktail of monoclonal and/or polyclonal antibodies generated against virus-like particles representing various genotypes of norovirus.

Meridian Life Science has just released 7 new monoclonal antibodies to Norovirus GI and GII. These antibodies have been tested across a broad range of strains and are reactive to several GI and GII genotypes.

(CDC, Norovirus Genotype Profiles Associated with Foodborne Transmission, 1999–2012)


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Specific for norovirus-like particles (VLPs). Produced in cell culture.
Store at -20°C and requires shipping on dry ice.

C01808M Recognizes GI.1 Norwalk, GI.3 Desert Shield, GI.4 Chiba
C01809M Recognizes GII.4 1987-2006
C01810M Recognizes GII.4 2002-2010
C01811M Recognizes GII.4 1987-2010
C01812M Recognizes GII.4 VLP 1987-2010, GII.1 1971 and GII.2 1976
C01813M Recognizes GII.4 VLP 1987-2009 and 2012
C01814M Recognizes a conserved epitope of the major capsid protein of both GI and GII



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