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New cTnI Chimeric MAbs - Avoid Heterophilic Interference! - 11/1/2017


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New cTnI Chimeric MAbs - Avoid Heterophilic Interference!



Monoclonal Antibodies
Full length recombinant chimeric antibodies produced in CHO cells

H01396M MAb to Human cTnI
 Recognizes 86-90 a.a. region
 Suitable for use in ELISA, IP & WB 
H01395M MAb to Human cTnI
 Recognizes 41-49 a.a. region
• Suitable for use in ELISA, IP & WB

Pairing Information
cTnI MAb pairing information for sandwich immunoassays

H01395M H01343M
H01395M H86465M
H01395M H86280M
H86625M H01395M
H01395M H01396M
H01340M H01396M


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Immunoassays are inherently vulnerable to interference from heterophilic antibodies such as human anti-mouse antibodies (HAMA). Traditionally blockers are used to reduce heterophilic interference. The use of chimeric antibodies can also be used to solve HAMA interference by replacing constant domains of the mouse antibody with human antibody sequences. The resulting mouse/human chimeric antibody is not influenced by HAMA present in some clinical samples.

Meridian has just released new chimeric antibodies to cTnI which reduce the need for the use of expensive HAMA blockers in sensitive cTnI assays.



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