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New Chimeric HCV Antigens for LF - 4/11/2016
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New Chimeric HCV Antigens for Lateral Flow
HCV Core/NS3/NS4/NS5 pairs antigens

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is an infectious disease that primarily affects the liver. It is the most serious type of hepatitis virus and can lead to cirrhosis and liver failure or cancer. It is estimated that 150–200 million people, or about 3% of the world’s population, are living with chronic HCV.

The HCV genome encodes for a polyprotein of slightly more than 3000 a.a. (depending on the HCV genotype) and contains both structural (core, E1, E2) proteins and non-structural (NS2, NS3, NS4B, NS5A and NS5B) proteins. Research has shown that HCV core, NS3, NS4 and NS5 are markers of chronic HCV infection and many commercial diagnostics employ these recombinant antigens in HCV antibody detection assays, including lateral flow double antigen sandwich assays.

R01599 HCV Core/NS3/NS4/NS5 Recombinant
• Molecular weight of 33 kDa including fusion protein
• Contains four antigens expressed in E. coli in a chimera:
- HCV Core Fragment (a.a. 11-45)
- HCV NS3 Fragment (a.a. 1208-1430)
- HCV NS4 Fragment (a.a. 1885-1923)
- HCV NS5 Fragment (a.a. 2332-2423)

R01600 HCV Core/NS3/NS4/NS5 Recombinant
• Molecular weight of 71kDa including fusion protein
• Contains four antigens expressed in E. coli in a chimera:
- HCV Core Fragment (a.a. 11-53)
- HCV NS3 Fragment (a.a. 1210-1450, 1337-1483)
- HCV NS4 Fragment (a.a. 1888-1925)
- HCV NS5 Fragment (a.a. 2332-2423)

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Meridian’s chimeric HCV core/NS3/NS4/NS5 antigens are specifically designed for use as pairs in a lateral flow or ELISA antibody detection assays. Produced in E.coli, these antigens contain different regions of core, NS3, NS4, and NS5 fragments and they can pair in double antigen assays.

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New Zika Antigens for Lateral Flow

Recombinant (Sf9) antigens that work as a pair in lateral flow assays to detect the Zika Virus. One antigen detects Zika NS1 protein and another Zika Envelope protein.
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Animal IgG for Blocking

High-quality, purified animal (goat, rabbit, sheep, rat and mouse) IgGs manufactured under a stringent quality control system following cGMP guidelines. Suitable for use as a passive heterophilic (HA) blocker to reduce interference and false results.
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HIV Antigens for 4th Generation Combo Assay

Several recombinant (E. coli) antigens highly suited for use in HIV Ag/Ab combo immunoassays, including chimeric antigens for HIV-1 gp41/gp120 and individual antigens for HIV-1 p24, HIV-1 gp41 and HIV-2 gp36.
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