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Meridian Launches TRUBlock® READY - 4/11/2018


APRIL 2018



Meridian Launches TRUBlock® READY

A Ready-to-Use Powerful Immunoassay Interference Blocker

TRUBlock® READY (Cat# 8001) is a cost effective and broad-acting HAMA blocker that is ready to use within a single dilution step. It works over several different assay types and effectively blocks interference created by HAMA, rheumatoid factor (RH) and heterophilic antibodies (HA).

To order a sample of TRUBlock® READY (Cat# 8001), please contact info@meridianlifescience.com.

About Blockers
Blockers are used in ELISA and Lateral Flow assays to improve their sensitivity and specificity. Double mouse monoclonal assays and competitive assays are specifically prone to HA interference and require a specialized blocker to ensure the assay’s accuracy. A HAMA blocker such as TRUBlock® READY contains a specific binder directed against all types of heterophilic interference including HAMA and RF. Once bound to the interfering antibodies, the HAMA blocker prevents further binding of HA to other assay components through steric hindrance.





Meridian's Blocking Reagents


CAT# 8001


CAT# 8000


CAT# A66800H

TRUBlock® 2

CAT# A66802H

TRUBlock® 3

CAT# A66803H

Mouse IgG, 9-13mg/mL

CAT# A66186M

Mouse IgG, 50-55mg/mL

CAT# A66185M

IgM Assay Diluent

CAT# 8120




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