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Immolase™ DNA Polymerase - 5/3/2018




Immolase™ DNA Polymerase

A heat-activated, thermostable DNA polymerase ideal for multiplex reactions



Immolase™ Key Performance Characteristics:
 Chemical modified hot-start DNA polymerase
 Outstanding and robust performance
 Excellent specificity
 Convenient set up at room temperature
 Available in ready-to-go versions ImmoMix™
  and ImmoMix Red

PCR Reaction Conditions
For a 50 μL reaction:

10x ImmoBuffer 5μL
100 mM dNTP Mix* 0.5 - 1.0μL
50 mM MgCl2 Solution 1.5 - 4.0μL
Template and primers As required
IMMOLASE 0.2 - 1μL
Water (ddH20) Up to 50μL

*100 mM dNTP Mix is available as a separate product (BIO-39028)

 Activation: pre-heating step at 95°C for 10 minutes
 Denaturation: 94-96°C
 Annealing: depends on primer Tm
 Extension: 72°C (allowing 15-30 seconds/kb)



Applications Include:
 Multiplex reactions
 Hot-start PCR assays
 TA cloning
 Low-copy number templates

Illustration of the heat-activation property of IMMOLASE



Ordering Information
Product Pack Size Cat. No.
DNA Polymerase
250 Units BIO-21046
500 Units BIO-21047
5000 Units BIO-21048
ImmoMix 500 Reactions BIO-25020
ImmoMix Red 500 Reactions BIO-25022

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