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Develop a Sensitive HIV-1 p24 Antigen Test without HAMA blockers! - 9/28/2015







Develop a Sensitive HIV-1 p24 Antigen Test without HAMA blockers!

Meridian Life Science has just released two new monospecific IgY antibodies to HIV-1 p24. These antibodies are produced in chickens using two different KLH-conjugated peptides that represent well-known epitopes of the HIV-1 p24 protein. Sandwich ELISA testing has confirmed that these antibodies work as pairs with mouse monoclonal antibodies to HIV-1 p24 and that HAMA blocking agents are not required to prevent interference.

One major advantage to IgY antibodies is that they do not contain an Fc domain within the stem portion of the antibody. As a result, IgY cannot activate the complement system nor bind rheumatoid factors or other mammalian heterophillic interferences such as HAMA. Overall, IgY antibodies are reported to have a higher avidity, higher specificity and lower cross-reactivity resulting in a lower background signal than double-mouse monoclonal sandwich immunoassays. Although chicken IgY antibodies and their advantages for use in IVD assays have been known since the mid-1980’s, the challenge has been in developing an economical, simple, and large-scale separation method for separating the water soluble IgY from egg yolk lipoproteins at a sufficient yield (IgY does bind protein A or protein G). Meridian Life Science utilizes a propriety method for both the IgY extraction and subsequent affinity purification. Traditional affinity purification methods used for IgG antibodies are not suitable for maximizing the yields and antibody affinity of IgYs.

Meridian’s new HIV-1 p24 IgY antibodies are monospecific and bind to unique regions of the p24 antibody. Pairing studies demonstrate that they can pair to mouse monoclonal antibodies to develop a sensitivity and specific HIV-1 p24 antigen detection assay. Commercial assays using IgY antibodies are already on the market for CRP, Beta-2 Microglobulin and others.

NEW HIV-1 p24 Antibodies & Pairs

Chicken anti HIV-1 p24 Antibodies:

C01847C - Request a sample!

C01848C - Request a sample!

New HIV-1 p24 Pairs:











We recommend the use of the cost-effective blockers Mouse IgG (A66185M) and Chicken IgY (A01366C) in chicken/mouse sandwich assays to prevent any potential non-specific binding by interfering antibodies in the patient sample. By using a chicken antibody in sandwich ELISAs, HAMA interference is naturally eliminated.



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