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Clostridium difficile - 7/26/2017



Clostridium difficile

Antibodies and Antigens for Assay Development

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Cases of Recurrent C. difficile Infection are soaring!

Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have found evidence that the most difficult C. difficilecases, known as multiple recurring C. difficile infections (mrCDI), are rapidly becoming more common.

The Penn researchers determined that the annual incidence of mrCDI increased by almost 200 percent from 2001 to 2012. The study results were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Authors say the finding clearly points to an increased burden on the healthcare system, including increased demand for new treatments for mrCDI. "An additional driver of this rise in incidence could be the recent emergence of new strains of C. difficile, such as NAP1, which have been shown to be a risk factor for recurrent CDI," Lewis said

The antibiotics metronidazole, vancomycin, and fidaxomicin are commonly used to treat CDI, but recurrence after initial treatment happens in roughly a third of cases.

Lewis and fellow Penn researcher Gary Wu, MD are members of the FMT registry steering committee. The lead author of the study was Gene K. Ma, MD, a postdoctoral fellow of Gastroenterology. Other Penn co-authors include Colleen Brensinger and Qufei Wu.

Source: Penn Medicine

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C. difficile Toxin A
C70472M  MAb
C70517M  MAb
C65555M  MAb
B70807G  PAb
C65715M  MAb
C01677M  MAb
C01678M  MAb
B01245R  PAb


C. difficile Toxin B
C70885M  MAb
C70888M  MAb
C65423M  MAb
C65429M  MAb
C65424M  MAb
C65426M  MAb
C65427M  MAb
B70224G  PAb


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