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Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV) - 9/22/2017


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Chikungunya Virus (CHIKV)

New Recombinant Wild-Type E1-E2 Heterodimer Complex from Insect Cells



R01711 CHIKV E1-E2 Wild-Type Recombinant
E1-E2 heterodimer complex mimics the structure of the natural virus

Expression in insect cells enables functional post-translational modifications

 Recombinant protein from insect cells
 Suitable for use in ELISA and Lateral Flow

R01654 CHIKV E1 Mutant, Recombinant
 Insect Cells
R01653 CHIKV E1 Wild-Type, Recombinant
 Insect Cells
R01702 CHIKV E2, Recombinant
 Insect Cells
R01551 CHIKV Mutant gp E1, Recombinant
 Drosophila S2
R01550 CHIKV Wild-Type gp E1, Recombinant
 Drosophila S2


Chikungunya fever is a pandemic disease caused by the mosquito-borne Chikungunya virus (CHIKV). This virus is transmitted by the same mosquito species that transmits Dengue and Zika Viruses, and causes similar clinical symptoms.

Meridian’s CHIKV E1:E2 complex represents full-length E1 and E2 glycoproteins proteins assembled in a 1:1 heterodimer complex. By using insect cells as an expression host, the natural glycosylation, furin processing, and plasma membrane translocation of E1 and E2 are maintained. Studies have shown that posttranslational processing of CHIKV glycoproteins in insect-infected cells resemble the processing during a natural CHIKV infection.

Chikungunya E1-E2 Wild-Type Recombinant is a unique product that has been developed in response to the need for high purity, properly assembled and glycosylated Chikungunya virus antigens.

(Stefan W Metz et al. Functional processing and secretion of Chikungunya virus E1 and E2 glycoproteins in insect cells. Virology Journal. 2011, 8:353.)

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