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Antibody & Recombinant Protein - 2/29/2016
Antibody & Recombinant Protein
GMP Contract Manufacturing Services
With over 35 years of experience in recombinant protein, antigen and antibody manufacturing, Meridian Life Science has earned the reputation as one of the most reliable and qualified contract manufacturers in the diagnostic industry. Regardless of your project’s stage, scope or scale, Meridian can provide a tailor-made solution under GMP regulations to comply with your required FDA requirements.
?         Recombinant protein production at any scale from your plasmid or construct
?         Monoclonal antibody production from your hybridoma in cell culture or ascites
?         Tech transfer of your fermentation process into our facility to increase your capacity
?         Improvements to your protein purification process to increase yields
?         Production of cell and viral banks with on-site storage options
?         All manufacturing under a strict quality system to meet FDA regulatory requirements (ISO 9001:2008, 21 CFR 210, 211)
Meridian offers a full suite of development and manufacturing capabilities for both upstream and downstream bioprocessing. Projects can start as a pilot or feasibility study and progress to commercial scale production with the option of scale-up and validation runs.
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New Zika Antigens for Lateral Flow
Recombinant (Sf9) antigens that work as a pair in lateral flow assays to detect the Zika Virus. One antigen detects Zika NS1 protein and another Zika Envelope protein.
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Animal IgG for Blocking
High-quality, purified animal (goat, rabbit, sheep, rat and mouse) IgGs manufactured under a stringent quality control system following cGMP guidelines. Suitable for use as a passive heterophilic (HA) blocker to reduce interference and false result.
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HIV Antigens for 4th Generation Combo Assay
Several recombinant (E. coli) antigens highly suited for use HIV Ag/Ab combo immunoassays, including chimeric antigens for HIV-1 gp41/gp120 and individual antigens for HIV-1 p24, HIV-1 gp41 and HIV-2 gp36.
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