Molecular Dx Reagents

Meridian offers a wide range of high-quality molecular reagents from individual components to master mixes in formats that support assay development from proof-of-concept to commercialization. Many of our enzymes are now available glycerol-free or in optimized lyo-ready mixes which contain lyo-excipients to allow for lyophilization with primers and probes to produce ambient temperature stable assays. Globally, our products are routinely used in agricultural biotechnology, pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostic, contract research and veterinary companies in assays for human diagnostics, crop research, food testing, animal health, pathogen detection, biomarker and drug discovery.

Meridian’s ISO-13485 compliant German manufacturing facility employs state of the art equipment and is capable of small‑scale to multi‑litre volumes of reagent production. Our reagents are manufactured to the highest quality standard and provide outstanding reproducibility, sensitivity and robustness.