Blockers & Immunoglobulins

Immunoassay blockers are used in diagnostic assays to reduce non-specific binding and other interference that can lead to false positive results. Specifically, interference from human anti-mouse antibodies (HAMA), rheumatoid factor (RH) and heterophilic antibodies (HA) are a major concern in both paired monoclonal sandwich assays and competitive assays. Specialized blockers are required in these assays to reduce any interference and to ensure the assay's accuracy.

Meridian's range of blockers includes both active blockers such TRU Block™ and passive blockers such as Mouse IgG. Specifically, TRU Block™ ULTRA (a next-generation HAMA blocker) is the result of years of R&D aimed at creating the most powerful immunoassay interference blocker in the market. It provides a broad coverage against HAMA, HA and RF and works in several assay types including ELISA and Lateral Flow. IVD manufacturers are able to use this active blocker at reduced concentrations and achieve higher assay performance.