Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant

Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant is a glycerol-free, inhibitor-tolerant master mix designed for creating ambient-temperature stable assays from plant material without extraction.

The introduction of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in the last 20 or so years and the demand for more precise and reliable techniques to detect foreign (transgenic or pathogenic) DNA in edible plants, have been the driving force for the introduction of qPCR techniques in plant research. Direct amplification of DNA from plant samples is a fast and convenient technique which avoids the need for laborious, time-consuming, and expensive nucleic acid extractions prior to qPCR. Air-Dryable™ Direct qPCR Plant is the first commercially available mix designed for developing ambient-temperature stable assays for direct quantitation of DNA from plants. It combines the benefits of inhibitor-tolerance with air-drying to create highly sensitive and cost-effective plant assays.

Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant, MDX116

Compatible with simple, direct workflows

A single tomato leaf punch was added to 20 μL water and heated to 95 °C for 5 minutes. The total lysate was then added to Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant mix that had been air-dried with ARF2 primers and probe. The traces from 8 individual leaf punches (brown) are shown overlaid with tomato gDNA standards (blue) for reference to show that approximately 84 genome equivalents per leaf punch were detected. The results illustrate the speed and reproducibility of the Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Plant even with non-complex assays.

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