Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Blood Mix

Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Blood is an inhibitor-tolerant mix designed for direct DNA quantitation from whole blood, serum or plasma. It contains excipients and an optimized buffer system that is compatible with oven or air drying.

To create an ambient-temperature stable assay, primers and probes are added to the Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Blood mix and the reagent preparation is aliquoted into the final assay vessel (e.g. PCR tubes) before oven or air-drying (please see the product guide and FAQs for recommendations on oven drying parameters). Patient blood samples can be used directly on the dried assay, and do not require nucleic acid purification. Because this product is highly resistant to PCR inhibitors in blood, serum and plasma, it can be used to detect pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and parasites with very high sensitivity.

Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Blood, MDX092

High reaction efficiency with serum and whole blood samples containing anticoagulants

Activity of Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Blood in both wet (blue) and air-dried (red) formats was compared to supplier R (orange) in a multiplexing qPCR assay, using a 10-fold serial dilution of plasmid DNA (10,000, 1000, 100 and 10 copies respectively) for Plasmodium falciparum, in presence of A) 20% K2-EDTA whole blood and B) 20% K2-EDTA serum. The results illustrate that the Air-Dryable™ Direct DNA qPCR Blood retains the ability to efficiently amplify DNA to the same level as the wet mix and shows higher end florescence and sensitivity than the supplier R mix.

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