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Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika and Yellow Fever - 5/3/2017



MAY 2017






Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika and Yellow Fever

Antibodies and Antigens for Assay Development


Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika and Yellow Fever are mosquito-borne diseases transmitted to humans by day-biting Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Although they have similar symptoms Yellow Fever is significantly more lethal than with most infected people requiring hospitalization.

Due to the adaptability of these mosquitos to high-density urban areas combined with worldwide climate change, recent years have demonstrated that populations are increasingly susceptible to contracting these infections. Specifically, large epidemics have been shown to occur when infected people introduce the virus into heavily populated areas with high mosquito density and where most people have little or no immunity, due to lack of vaccination.

Meridian Life Science has a broad range of antigens and antibodies for diagnostic assay development.


C01640M MAb
C01641M MAb
C01642M MAb
C01891M MAb
C01892M MAb Ep

C01893M MAb Ep
C01894M MAb Ep
C01895M MAb Ep
R01653 Rec. Ag E1
R01654 Rec. Ag E1

R01702 Rec. Ag E2 (New)
R01703 Rec. Ag Capsid (New)
R01704 Rec. Ag Capsid (New)


Yellow Fever

C01906M MAb NS1 (New)
C01907M MAb NS1 (New)
C01908M MAb NS1 (New)

C01909M MAb NS1 (New)
C01910M MAb NS1 (New)
C01911M MAb NS1 (New)

C01912M MAb NS1 (New)
R01706 Rec. Ag NS1 (New)

    Ep rec.Ag – coming soon!



C01649M MAb NS1
C01650M MAb NS1 
C01651M MAb NS1
C01652M MAb NS1
C01838M MAb NS1
C01839M MAb NS1
C01913M MAb NS1
C01914M MAb NS1
C01551M MAb Type 2
C03045M MAb Types 1,2,3,4
C01896M MAb Ep 
C01898M MAb Ep

C01899M MAb Ep
R01552 Rec. Ag Type 1 NS1
R01656 Rec. Ag Type 1 NS1
R01432 Rec. Ag Type 2 NS1
R01553 Rec. Ag Type 2 NS1
R01657 Rec. Ag Type 2 NS1
R01554 Rec. Ag Type 3 NS1
R01658 Rec. Ag Type 3 NS1
R01555 Rec. Ag Type 4 NS1
R01591 Rec. Ag Type 4 NS1
R01663 Rec. Ag Type 4 NS1
R01556 Rec. Ag Type 1 Ep

R01659 Rec. Ag Type 1 Ep
R01431 Rec. Ag Type 2 Ep
R01557 Rec. Ag Type 2 Ep
R01660 Rec. Ag Type 2 Ep
R01558 Rec. Ag Type 3 Ep
R01661 Rec. Ag Type 3 Ep
R01559 Rec. Ag Type 4 Ep
R01662 Rec. Ag Type 4 Ep
R01687 Ag Type 1, Native
R02220 Ag Type 2, Native
R01688 Ag Type 3, Native
R01689 Ag Type 4, Native



C01860M MAb Ep
C01861M MAb Ep
C01862M MAb Ep
C01863M MAb Ep
C01864M MAb NS1
C01865M MAb NS1
C01866M MAb NS1

C01867M MAb NS1
C01868M MAb NS1
C01869M MAb NS1
C01870M MAb NS1
C01885G PAb NS1
C01886G PAb NS1
C01887M MAb NS1

C01888M MAb NS1
C01889M MAb NS1
C01890M MAb NS1
R01635 Rec. Ag Ep
R01636 Rec. Ag NS1

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